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Victims experiences complex post traumatic events and experiences that lead to relapse, return to “the life”, difficulties with return-adjustment, and problems with family members, former friends and colleagues, and financial distress. SAFE MENTORS are former victims who survived and continue to survive the ongoing ordeal and struggles in life.

Return to the life is not an option we want to encourage or support. Therefore, deep in our belief that survivors know best, we connect victims with survivors as well as trauma specialists to mentor and provide wrap around care for the critical three years to five years of rehabilitation into society.

As part of our philosophy, SAFECHR is partnering with other organizations and our goals are to:
Provide GED scholarships for survivors of human trafficking as education
Provide job skills training critical for our survivors
Provide hotline support with referrals to the Polaris project and other organizations

Contact info@safechr.org for more information.

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