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Our goal is to have SAFE Houses within SAFE Villages in every major city for girls and for boys. Most victims enter “the life” at 12 and are dead by 21, a statistic that is profoundly disturbing. SAFE Houses protect our kids and prevent suicides. We need your help to create safe, healing centers for our youth who for no fault of their own were deceived and manipulated and groomed into the terrifying world of child slavery. We need to raise $26 million for the whole project and have raised $252,000 towards our goal.

Our vision is to create self-sustaining healing oases for youth who have been scarred, terrorized and traumatized by horrific criminal acts against them. Each home will house 10 youth with clinicians and survivors working together to heal victims. They will receive education, evidence-based trauma therapies that are specialized and delivered by clinicians with 30-40 years of experience in working with trafficked victims, Consultation and supervision of medical doctors for medical treatment by Harvard trained, HEAL ER physicians and Local Collier County Hospitals, Neurological, psychological, educational, and ecologically preserved environmental healing, as well as equine and canine therapies, strength-based therapies with physical, cognitive, and emotional supports. SAFECHR has a dynamic and experienced Clinically trained staff of psychologists, educators, medical doctors, victim advocates, administrators, and powerful board of directors (see Board) that will oversee the operations.

SAFECHR will utilize local talent and expertise in these fields for service delivery with the village adding to the surrounding beauty of the landscape.


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