Monday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM


25 Countries Represented!
Thank you for making SAFE 2016
a HUGE Success!!!


  • provide clear and adaptable action steps
  • create an environment that fosters open and honest discussion
  • provide a platform for survivor empowerment and innovation
  • survivor feedback on prevention, combating, and treatment
  • establish collaborative coalitions to drive innovative and sustainable ideas and solutions
  • Creation of A Collaborative GLOBAL TASK FORCE Against Human Trafficking of 25 participant Countries SAFE 2016 led by the Hon. Bokoko Bokoru Zoe, former Ugandan Minister of Gender, Labor, Social Development
  • Creation of Collaborative  National  Anti-Trafficking Transportation Task Force of Truckers, Airlines, Cabbies, Rail and Transport led by the Truckers Missing Child Project
  • Created  a legislative Platform for recommendations for changes
  • Developed multiple networking opportunities
  • Created Collaborative partnerships between Rescue operations, interventions, and Rehabilitation 


SAFE 2018
When: Sept-Oct 2018

KEYNOTE Speaker: Victor Filetti, MD, ACES Study on Children


Special Pre-Conference Summit: “The Invisible Male” and Trafficking Program Agenda

Why you should have attended:

SAFE 2016 will offer groundbreaking panels, discussions, and workshops featuring survivors with valuable insight and feedback, activists with proven successes, experienced professionals with replicable programs, and leaders with demonstrable track records in the areas of:  prevention, identification, treatment, investigations, and prosecutions.

We are offering 4 CEUs for the pre-conference and 20 CEUs for the main conference. 

What makes our conferences unique:

SAFE 2016 moves beyond speeches and presentations and into interactive panels and workshops comprised of multidisciplinary professionals and activists dedicated to real-world solutions to the scourge of human trafficking.

We also expand beyond sex trafficking to address lesser highlighted, yet equally traumatic, forms of trafficking such as labor, child marriage, organ theft, and child soldiers.  Additionally, we focus on victims often overlooked, under-identified, or under-served. This year, our pre-conference summit focus is the male population.

You’ll be in great company:

You will be among hundreds of attendees comprised of activists, mental health professionals, law enforcement, academics, physicians, treatment providers, political officials, nonprofits, and government agencies.


Keynote Speakers for 2016 Conference:


1. To raise the levels of global collaborative practices using modern day technological advances to combat human trafficking.
2. To continue to emphasize the roles of survivor experts as leaders in the field.
3. To support organizations and develop global coalitions that work synergistically to end demand 
4. To identify best practices for safe houses programs for victims of human trafficking – (Phase II).
5. To foster resiliency training in school based curricula and identification tools for youth at high-risk. 
6. To identify best practices in intervention for law enforcement, clinicians, community advocates, and those involved with services for victims and, identifying pimps and johns.
7. To develop white papers as a result of the conference that we will publish and follow up with during post-conference. 
8. To bring the issue of boys/men and trafficking to the forefront.

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