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Mission & Vision

SAFE Coalition for Human Rights is a nonprofit registered with the Illinois Secretary of State in March 2014. SAFECHR was formed to support the objectives of SAFE 2014 Conference : Sex-Trafficking Awareness, Freedom, and Empowerment (SAFE). The team is entirely made up of volunteers donating their time, energies, and commitment to making our citizen-driven, survivor-driven conference a success.

SAFECHR was born when a group of survivors attended a conference in November and shared their stories creating an impetus that their experiences and lack of wrap around services needed to fuel debate and discussion on how we can create a bridge from victim to survivor, from insensitivity to creative awareness, and from successful trafficker to incarcerated criminal.

Since January 2014, the volunteer committee has worked together to gather a diverse group of professionals to come together to find solutions and develop a working global task force that meets each month to implement these findings.


To protect the human dignity of trafficked persons globally through education, prevention, and rehabilitation programs.


To promote collaborative practices of Advocacy for social and political change, create Awareness, promote Prevention, Education and Restoration of Human Rights.


To improve socioeconomic conditions, spur growth, support policy and crime prevention.


A global oasis of hope and healing – a world without human trafficking.


SAFE Coalition for Human Rights is a volunteer-led, clinician-based, and survivor-empowered NGO registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization confronting the enormity of human trafficking at the grassroots and international level. SAFECHR was formed in 2013 and registered in March 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, after several survivors felt that their voices were unheard during a panel presentation at the Illinois Psychological Association Annual Convention. Soon after, the SAFE 2014: First Annual Global Conference was held in Chicago. The work of SAFECHR has resulted in the emergence of a growing global task force against human trafficking with currently 25 member nations.

Since our origins, our work has continued to be centered around the guidance of survivors, who lead the direction of SAFECHR and our endeavors to serve victims and survivors of human trafficking. Furthermore, SAFECHR leadership and staff members are experienced professionals in their respective fields, including psychology, education, social work, human rights advocacy, international relations, non-profit management, and business.

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