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* SAFECHR is a registered provider #465004070 for Law Enforcement Continuing Education Credits Training.

* 6 CEUs, 6.5 CLEs, 3 CNEs, 6 CEUs (social workers, MFTs) have been provided at all HT Conferences

Recent Conferences and Training: 2016

October 9, 2016: Pre-Conference Summit – “Gender Roles and Trafficking” SAFE 2016, Washington, DC, USA

​October 10-12, 2016: SAFE 2016: Second Annual Global Conference on Human Trafficking, “Identifying Best Practices”, Washington, DC, USA

October 26, 2016: Lunch and Learn Series: “Human Trafficking: Impact in Indiana” Hosted by Franciscan Alliance and Northern Indiana Educational Foundation. Presenter: SAFECHR Founder, Dr. Kalyani Gopal, PhD and Volunteer, Jessica Wampler, RN

Upcoming Conferences: 2017

NOTE: If your organization is interested in a training, please contact 219-513-8508 or email Ashley@safechr.org.

January 2017: Human Trafficking: “Disrupting Supply Chains to End Demand”, Miami, Florida (CANCELED)

January 17, 2017: Invited Lunch & Learn Series. “Human Trafficking Training for Physicians, Nurses, Health Professionals and Staff”. Closed. Attendance limited to hosts @ Beacon Medical Group, La Porte, Indiana.

Upcoming Conferences: 2018

SAFE 2018: The conference will be held at the Palmer House in Chicago, IL September 2-5, 2018, and the theme is “Innovative Response to Migration, Conflict, & War.”



SUBMIT PROPOSALS. Deadline June 30, 2018


Upcoming Conferences: 2020

October 10-12, 2020: SAFE 2019: Annual Global Conference on Human Trafficking. “Connecting the Wheels”. TBD

Human Trafficking is a 150 billion dollars global industry involving labor and sex trafficking growing exponentially from a 32 billion dollar industry in 2003. Globally about 20.9 million individuals are enslaved each year. SAFECHR is focused on healing victims and ending demand of these heinous crimes against humanity. If by these trainings we can prevent one victim, save one child, we have saved an entire generation. Become a MEMBER (see below) and/or Sponsor these trainings and join to end this violence.

NEED for Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnership (4 Ps) Trainings:

1. The average age of the US child entry is 13 “Unlucky 13” from various social and economic strata. Internationally, trafficked children are as young as 6 years old (Sri Lanka) to 9 years old (Nepal). It is not limited to poorer and disadvantaged families. Victims are lured, deceived, and enslaved and are sons and daughters of physicians, lawyers, and white collared professionals

2. Human Trafficking is a global issue, but it is also a DOMESTIC issue. 50% of the children involved in internet porn are American citizens.

3. Roughly 300,000 American children are trafficked within the United States each year

4. Human Trafficking is due to exploitation while Human Smuggling requires transportation

5. Today, we have the largest number of slaves in the world in the history of humankind

6. Japan and the Gulf Nations are the destinations for Asian minors

7. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise with the lowest risk and highest dividends for traffickers. Children can be bought and sold multiple times each day, whereas drugs once used are gone forever

8. Often, victims do not consider themselves trafficked and do not identify with the term until several years later

9. Victims develop “trauma bonds” and experience Complex Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome response to their trafficking

10. Between 50-98% of child victims were once in foster care. 50% of victims reported in California, 65% in New York, and 98% in Connecticut. About 25% of traffickers were once in foster care

11. 100% of the women traffickers were sex slaves as compared to 56% of men with the Male/Female Ration being approximately 70/30. Pimps earned $150,000-500,000 per year

12. Within 48 hours, of running away one out of three teens are lured into trafficking




10, 11. http://newsroom.depaul.edu/PDF/FAMILY_LAW_CENTER_REPORT-final.pdf


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Recent Past Conferences

SAFE 2016 (Washington DC, USA)
Second Annual Global Conference on Human Trafficking
October 9, 10, 11, 2016. October 12: Workshops & Closing Ceremonies

SAFE 2016 Pre-Conference Summits, Sunday, October 9, 2016:

Pre-Conference Institute 1: Boys/Men and Trafficking
Pre-Conference Institute 2: Pan-Asian and Gulf Nations Regional Focus


Silver Slipper Reception Gala
Location: Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort, Naples, Florida
Time: 6 pm – 8 pm
Attire: Formal

Silver Slipper Reception Gala

SAFE 2014 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
“Sex-Trafficking Awareness, Freedom and Empowerment Conference 2014
October 29, 30, 31, 2014

Hodges University, Naples, Florida
March 10-12th, 2016
Tickets: $30 each
CLEs, CNEs, CMEs, CEUs available: $20 total cost

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