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SAFECHR has strong support and collaborative relationships from Illinois Cook County Sheriff’s Dept. and Indiana’s Lake County Sheriff, Mental Health providers, Methodist and St Margaret’s Health Hospitals, the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, clergy, and community organizations.

Partnerships and Sponsorships:

•Joy International
•Too Love Children
•Dept. Of Homeland Security Investigations
•SAFECHR Global Human-Trafficking Task Force: SAFE 2016 Conference
•Global Centurion
•SWFL Task Force Against Human Trafficking
•Sub-Saharan Solutions
•Not 4 Sale
•NWI Regional Task Force Against Human Trafficking
•Indiana Lake County Sheriff’s Department
•Cook County Sheriff’s Dept. HT Manager, Marian Hatcher, Survivor
•CWTA Alliance
•United States Security
•Veteran’s Truth
•Between Friends
•Airline Ambassadors, International
•Campagna Academy
•Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ
•Robert Woods Johnson Foundation
•SAMHSA (grant 2015-2018)
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