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Joy Kelleher, Development Manager, Core Assets, Advisor, Business Development

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Dr. David Kenneth Waldman, President, To Love Children Educational Foundation International. SAFECHR Partner and Nonprofit Advisor

SAFECHR.orgDr. Waldman is Founder, President, and CEO of To Love Children Educational Foundation International, Inc. (2002), an International nongovernmental organization. To Love Children’s mission is to educate girls who are marginalized and vulnerable affected by the cycle of poverty. To Love Children obtained Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 2006. Dr Waldman is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of education from Early Childhood Education to Higher Education, organizational leadership, nongovernmental organizations, public policy, and gender justice. Dr Waldman expertise comes from extensive research and experience with girls who lack human rights, access to gender justice, ​and community public health ​ services.​

His vision is to “Educate all Girls for a Better Tomorrow.” Dr David Kenneth Waldman believes when you educate a girl from early childhood to higher education you create educational opportunity and improve the lives of girls living in poverty.

A versatile scholar and practitioner, Dr Waldman has extensive teaching experience and has partnered with leaders at the United Nations and also in education, community based organizations, business, and government sectors. Currently Dr David Kenneth Waldman also teaches at University of Roehampton London, Colorado State University Global Campus, UCLA Extension, and School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix.

Judge Calvin Hawkins, Advisor, Legislative Outreach

Marian Hatcher, Cook County Sheriff’s Project Manager, Survivor, SAFECHR’s “Special MASCOT” aka Strategic Advisor

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Marian Hatcher, who serves as Senior Project Manager and Human Trafficking Coordinator at the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, has been awarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama, Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced today. Hatcher is internationally recognized for her tireless efforts in fighting abuse against women in the form of sex trafficking, prostitution and domestic violence.

In her role with the Cook County Sheriff’s office, Hatcher coordinates several anti-trafficking efforts, including the National Johns Suppression Initiative (NJSI), which targets buyers of sex, the driving force of sex trafficking and prostitution. With Hatcher’s help, the NJSI has become a nationwide annual effort including more than 80 arresting agencies and nearly 200 partners. The NJSI to-date has resulted in 5,894 johns arrests.

Hatcher is an expert on sex trafficking. In addition to sitting on numerous boards, she has facilitated important training on trafficking and prostitution for various law enforcement groups including the F.B.I. and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She has traveled the country speaking at various events and conference, shedding light on the prevalent issue of trafficking and telling her own story, a remarkable story that is.

After finding success in the corporate world post-college, Hatcher’s life descended into the depths of drug addiction, eventually becoming a victim of trafficking and domestic violence, losing everything in the process. She eventually found herself in the custody of the very law enforcement organization in which she is now employed, at the Cook County Jail. After completing a 120-day drug treatment program offered by the Sheriff’s office and necessaryprobation afterward, Hatcher went to work for the Sheriff’s office, working to make sure what happened to her doesn’t happen to other women.

Professor Nairuti Jani, Ph.D., Community Liaison, HT Evaluation
Florida Gulf Coast University

Dr. Sandra Demos-Kelley, Director

Mr. Jaswant Pujari, TechnologyMr. Brad Buckowich, Schools, Florida

Ms. Staci Smith, YMHFA/Evaluation
Mr.Peter DiMarzio, DHS Investigations

Mr. Steven Procopio, Survivor

Ms. Carolyn Joy Flynn, Design

Ms. Vicky Lindsay, Culinary Arts

Ms. Kimberly Grabert, Families and Children

Ms. Kimberly Wells, Families and Children

Mrs. Pamela Greenwalt, Fundraising, Indianapolis

Ms. Rama Alsakaji. Conference

Ms. Kelly Wontorski, Fundraising/Land


Dr. Sandra Demos-Kelley, Schools

Mr. Colin Lawrence, Inter-ACT Training

Ms. Ashley Frederick, Conferences

Mr. Gordon Johnson, Development

Ms. Camille Mica, Findasafehouse.com app

Mr. Ed Peralta, Director, Security

Mr. Mark Price, Safe Village, Finance

Ms. Leslie Crampton, Volunteers

Mr. Dugal Trimble, Task Force

Dr. Joel Fillmore, Survivor, Clinical

Ms. Jessica Wampler, RN, Medical

Mr. Pastor Charles, Spiritual

Mr. Steven Armenia, Director, Community Affairs


Ms. Brenda Hamilton



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